Improving the School System

Improving the School System

I recently came across an essay I wrote my senior year in high school entitled “How to improve the educational system”. This is one of the longest essays I’ve ever written at 5400 words, but it wasn’t for a class. I wrote the paper because I felt it would help improve the system if the right people read it. It was well received and made its way up the ladder, unfortunately not much came of it.

I’ve included it here in case anyone cares to read it. Despite being written by a student, you won’t find the essay griping for less work or learning, but a better focus and attention on what is being taught and in what manner.

The checksum of the file is:

sha256: 7196f5714f59b1c8b3a73e808bc79a7991f54892626b1288bd6359cd53097927

Link to the pdf

Thanks for reading.

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